HEY MARLY is convinced that every style is individual. Therefore we create accessories with timeless looks.

Starting with our topping-change concept of sandals, we constantly try to integrate sustainability into our processes. So you can change your style again and again with your toppings without having to buy a new shoe.

Especially in the production of our bags we use smart upcycling to make the bag production sustainable & environmentally friendly. Therefore, we do without heavily chemically processed imitation leather and concentrate on resources that are available to us anyway: Recycled leather.

The color palette ranges from beige and cognac to gray and black.

There are two stylish bag models: Bucket Bag & Half Moon Bag. Both models are available in all four colors. The special feature of the bags, however, is that they are not only designed to be sustainable, robust and durable, but also multifunctional.

Each bag is a quick-change artist and offers multiple carrying options. Accessories that will complement & enhance any of your outfits. Your favorite pieces for every day!